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Daywalker rabalab


I googled ‘upside down cats’ and I am the farthest thing from disappointed

Bad guy: *beats up naruto*
Bad guy: its over for you. you cant stand anymore. that should have put you out for weeks.
naruto: *slowly stands up*
Bad guy: holy shit? how is he doing that
naruto: im going to be hokage
Bad guy: Holy shit! I cant believe it. how is he doing this, he should be out cold right now. what is this feeling? What is this




He has Monsters inc. on his shirt.

She has Nemo on her dress.

Violet has murder in her eyes. 


Meanwhile in Toronto


An old custom pair of flame gauntlets, all hand painted. Usually we make a ton of extra pieces just in case with orders like this, since the white has a tendency to get smudged.








None of these animals are albino.

The first is a green tree python going through a “blue phase” that is brought on by a hormonal change.

The second is a panda pied ball python. Which is a cross between the super cinnamon and the piebald morphs.

And the last is a leucistic ball python.

Brad I thought Panda Pieds were super black pastel and pied?

They can be both. I see super cinnamon projects in there more than super black pastels though.

I thought the Panda Pied by title was super black pastel too.

But more importantly, correction about the first animal. That is Mister Blue, who is a genetic blue animal and not a hormonal changed female.

That Panda Pied is a Super Black Pastel Piebald, most of you guys may actually be familiar with that specific animal since it was the first one of its kind and was produced by Outback Reptiles in 2008, so in this case saying that it’s a Super Cinnamon Pied is incorrect because that animal was definitely a SBP. 

Technically speaking though calling any Super Cinnamon Pied a Panda would actually be a misnomer because they are not the same morph and traditionally speaking Pandas are SBPs. The confusion between Super Cinn or Super BP comes from people early on mislabeling the original animal.

So yeah, not the same thing. I also think the Super Cinnamon Pied even looks a bit different than the Panda but I don’t have any pictures to share on hand??

Also putting my two cents in but I definitely see more Black Pastels being used in Panda projects more than Cinnamons because most people don’t often label the latter as Pandas because, like I’ve pointed out, it’s not the correct name of the morph. You could potentially run into trouble with misrepresenting animals if you sold a Super Cinn Pied as a Panda.


Kiba don’t care.
Kiba don’t give a shit.



how did steve and nat walk around that mall with just a hoodie and not get recognized i mean if i was in that mall i would have been like “do you smell that? i smell freedom. i smell steve rogers”

[eagle screeches in the background]


damn those tumblr sjw………always trying to make me think about how my actions could hurt someone else………….


my entire life basically consists of me fluctuating between being too hungry or too tired to do anything


Ah yes how dare a character have actual opinions and not fall on their knees and kiss the protagonists ass.